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Keys to Making Your Pediatricians Visit a Pleasant Experience

By, Jean Pierre Muhumuza, MD

Keys to Making Your Pediatrician Visit a Pleasant Experience

For some, the thought of going to the Pediatricians office may bring out different emotions ranging from the excitement of getting a sticker, the fear of injections or anxiety about wait times. Here are a few keys to making your visit a pleasant experience.

Do not procrastinate.
Schedule your appointment early. When it comes to getting that school or sport physical you need, don’t wait till the last minute. Chances are if you are scrambling to get in, other people may be doing the same. This may give you unnecessary stress that can be avoided by booking your appointment ahead of time.

Know what to expect and what is expected from you.
Office policies may be different from your previous Pediatrician. Take time to familiarize yourself with these office policies. They may be available online and reviewed prior to your appointment. In addition, review those in print form that may be given to you while you wait to be called back.

Be on time.
Set a reminder in your calendar when you book your appointment. While you may receive a courtesy reminder call, you don’t want to plan other activities that may interfere with your appointment. If your office requires that you arrive early for paperwork, account for this in your planning. This will minimize your wait time.

Make a list.
Write your questions down. If your child has multiple caretakers, communicate what your concerns are so they may be addressed during your visit. If you have documents from your previous Pediatrician, discharge documents from the Emergency room or Urgent care, these may be useful for your doctor to review. As your medical home, your pediatrician’s office wants to know about other aspects of your health.

Before you leave, schedule for your future appointments while you are still in the office. Request your refills and forms if needed.

Your experience can be a pleasant, and your preparation plays a big part in it.

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